Biogas installation

Our biogas project reuses the raw materials that remain after the extraction process, giving back to nature what we take from it.

Biogas is a type of renewable energy produced when organic matter is degraded in an oxygen-free environment.

In 2017, Linnea, in partnership with two farms in the Swiss canton of Ticino began operating a biogas installation. The facility is fueled not only by the organic waste produced by Linnea but also by manure, sewage and agricultural by-products from local farms.

The result is a sustainable closed-loop system that recycles our vegetable waste.

The self-sufficient installation has registered impressive annual results:

  • 2,500,000 Kw of clean energy produced, providing electricity to the public power grid and heat to the neighboring district’s heating network;
  • Energy supplied to meet the electrical power needs of about 250 households;
  • The digested waste (digestate), which is of a quality far superior to the raw fertilizer (manure and sewage) used to fuel the installation, is then used as natural fertilizer for Ticino farm crops.

With its biogas project, Linnea bolsters its commitment to ethical business practices. Our mission is put into practice daily with courageous choices that support eco-sustainability for a production cycle that respects the local environment and its inhabitants.