Production & Technologies

Linnea manufacturing facilities are GMP approved by the Swiss Authority (Swissmedic) for the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. 

Linnea facilities operate continuously. Every operation follows standard procedures starting from the raw materials preparation, extraction, synthesis, drying (rooms, and ISO 8 spray dryer) and blending processes.

The warehouses secures raw materials and finished products in conformity with the required standards.

Green Spirit
The raw plant materials used by Linnea may be sourced from the wild or from farms operating in accordance with GAP standards.

The use of contaminants is strictly controlled in compliance with Pharmacopea limits. Linnea operates decreasing environmental impact and ensuring supplies over the long term. 

Through periodical audits and constant monitoring Linnea ensures compliance with standards. Logistics are optimized to limit energy use during transportation and storage. Materials handling is limited and performed using eco-friendly carriers; perishable products are stored in latest generation gas refrigerators that do not contribute to the greenhouse effect. Linnea’s manufacturing processes are continually reviewed with a focus on the environment so as to employ the solvents and reagents with the least environmental impact and, through recycling/ exploitation processes, the same solvents are used multiple times thus reducing VOC atmospheric emissions to levels clearly below legal limits. The management of industrial waste is also optimized. Waste products are exploited where possible through methane conversion/composting processes for plants, waste to energy processing for chemical wastes and the recycling of metals.  

The use of water has been very limited (closed loop cooling systems, recycling of process water) and industrial wastewater, initially pre-treated at the internal purification plant, is piped to state purification facilities for final treatment.