Water Soluble Ingredients

NeoSol™ Ingredients are innovative solutions designed and developed for improving solubility of active ingredients and standardized extracts. Linnea manufactures NeoSol™ as an ingredient for pharmaceutical purposes.


NeoSol™ is a proprietary new technology to achieve optimized natural extract solubility.

The supramolecular structures are based on combination and interaction of the active ingredient with carriers with different characteristics and functions under a special energetic influence.

The new complex increases active compounds availability, improving the physiological activity and efficacy.



NeoSol™ optimizes active compund solubility

Many substances and natural extracts have low solubility in water. Any substance or nutrient to exert benefits in the body need to be absorbed, crossing the physiological membranes and reaching the blood flow. Dissolution is fundamental for activity.


NeoSol Ingredients


NeoSol™ is the result of a balanced combination of Nature and Science: highly purified natural ingredients and standardized vegetable extracts are transformed into technological products for superior performances in liquid formulation of dietary supplement and functional foods.

Produced with GMP certified active ingredients and in compliance with the highest quality standards.NeoSolTM Active Ingredients are stable. Solvent-free process.Allergen free, GMO Free, Irradiation free, Gluten free, Suitable for vegetarian.

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