Cosmetic Active Ingredients

NioSkin™ ingredients are innovative solutions designed and developed for improving skin absorption and with proven effectiveness. Linnea manufactures NioSkin as an active cosmetic ingredient.


Niosomes are a new and effective delivery system made of ultradeformable non-ionic vesicles.



Niosome vesicles are elastic and can squeeze through the pores (20nm) in stratum corneum. These pores are less than one-tenth of the diameter of vesicles (200 nm).


NioSkin™ guarantees effective ingredients absorption.

Niosomal technology encapsulates biologically active molecules of natural origin in special natural carrier to pursue an optimal bioavailability, enhancing skin penetration through the stratum corneum.


Clinical tests

  • Corneometric skin hydratation - panel test 15 subjects
  • Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) - panel test 12 subjects
  • Skin Elasticity - panel test 12 subjects
  • High Resolution Ultrasound Skin-Imaging - panel test 20 subjects
NioSkin Ingredients


NioSkin™ is the result of a balanced combination of Nature and Science: highly purified natural ingredients and standardized vegetable extracts are transformed into technological products for superior performances in cosmetics.

Produced with GMP certified active ingredients and in compliance with the highest quality standards.NioSkinTM Active Ingredients are stable and self-preservative.No artificial preservative are added. Allergen free, Nichel free, GMO Free. Not tested on animals.

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