• Silver Ions
    Silver Ions

AG+ ions secured from any release



Highly dispersed micronized Ag+ ions on TiO2 and SiO2 microparticles.

Tiab Siab

Complex of molecular system developed by means of micro-technologies.

Titanium or Silicon Dioxide are the core-carrier of SylTechTM micro-particles.
Monovalent Silver Ions are linked through an indissoluble covalent bond.

  • Schema 01
    Ag+ is linked through a covalent
    bond to Titanium Dioxide.
  • Schema 02
    Ag+ is linked through a covalent
    bond to Silicon Dioxide.

Ag+ ions securedĀ from any release

The microsystem allows extended surface contact of Silver ion (Ag+) on tissue granting:

  • High efficacy and great tolerability
  • Silver monovalent ion stabilization
  • Thermal and photochemical stability

Great respect of the physiological environment around the lesion.