API’s and Food Ingredients

Norway Spruce Lignans


in aglycone form, co-crystallized with potassium acetate
7-Hydroxymatairesinol standardized as lignans in aglycones form (NLT 90%)

Dietary use

Antioxidant and antidegenerative
Hot flushes in menopause
Metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases adjuvant

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Cannabis Therapeutic Solutions

Cannabis Therapeutic Solutions

Phytocannabinoids for pharmaceutical purposes

Every day, we develop and produce the finest cannabis and CBD extracts complying with the highest industry standards.

There are a large number of ongoing clinical and preclinical studies focusing on CANNABIS and CANNABINOIDS. CANNABIS and its derivatives has a multi-levels role in the organism, indicating the potential extent of a complex therapeutic scenario and representing an exciting target for disease management and health promotion.