API’s and Food Ingredients

Red Clover


Dry extract of the aerial parts of Trifolium pratense (between 36.0% and 44.0% total isoflavone aglycones)

Pharma use

Climacteric symptoms
Menopause symptoms

Dietary use

Non-hormonal menopause therapies
Antioxidant and free-radical scavenger


Trifolium pratense L.

Part of the plant used
Aerial parts

Dark green, amorphous powder

Cas number

More to know
Seeds with certified genetic purity ensure a high degree of standardisation throughout the production chain, from seed to finished product.

The proprietary extraction method allows to obtain a batch-to-batch fixed ratio of the four main isoflavones.

Complies with USP monograph on “Powdered Red Clover Extract” current edition.

Linnea assisted with the monograph writing.

DMF, in compliance with international standard

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Cannabis Therapeutic Solutions

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