Strategic sourcing is a cornerstone of Linnea's procurement processes

February 2021

Strategic sourcing is a cornerstone of Linnea's procurement processes.

Here are a few words from our new Chief Procurement Officer, Giorgio Ferdinandi:

“I have been always driven by challenges; it’s one of the reasons why I love my job! I feel honored to contribute daily to the success of our company by leading purchasing operations. The identification and selection of high-quality botanical raw materials, along with cost-efficient products and services provided through reliable suppliers, is my and my team’s mission.

I consider strategic sourcing a cornerstone of our procurement processes: Linnea is continuously committed - without compromise - to ensuring adherence to Good Agricultural and Collection Practices - (GACPs), and the traceability of safe, effective and clean natural plant-based products. I take this mission very seriously, since the main purpose of medicinal plants is their eventual human consumption.

I strongly believe in interdepartmental collaboration and team development: as such, my team and I continuously put forth organization-wide procurement policies and procedures for the implementation of standard best practices, which necessarily must comply with internal and international guidelines.”

Allergen, Gluten, Lactose, Melamine Free
GMO free
GMO free
Vegan certified
Kosher certified
Halal certified
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Botanical Ingredients

From selected botanical ingredients to innovative natural solutions

All Linnea ingredients are manufactured in our Swiss GMP facility for use as pharmaceutical, cosmetic or dietary supplement products.

Linnea ingredients are active pharmaceutical ingredients, purified ingredients and herbal extracts. Two recently developed technologies, NeoSolTM and NioSkinTM, improve the solubility and skin permeability of active compounds and herbal extracts.

Cannabis Therapeutic Solutions

Cannabis Therapeutic Solutions

Phytocannabinoids for pharmaceutical purposes

Every day, we develop and produce the finest cannabis and CBD extracts complying with the highest industry standards.

There are a large number of ongoing clinical and preclinical studies focusing on CANNABIS and CANNABINOIDS. CANNABIS and its derivatives has a multi-levels role in the organism, indicating the potential extent of a complex therapeutic scenario and representing an exciting target for disease management and health promotion.

Cosmetic Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

We have developed an advanced system for dermal delivery based on the perfect balance between science and nature: NioSkinTM

The NioSkinTM line is created with Linnea’s natural active ingredients.

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